Hathor IP55 LowGlare

The Hathor infrared radiant heater is ideal for heating outdoor areas in the catering as well as indoor areas that are diffi cult or uneconomical to heat by conventional warm air heating.

The housing is made of absolutely weather-resistant aluminum and has an integrated wall/ceiling bracket. The models Hathor IP55 4000 and 6000 have an adjustable focus, so that the effective area can be customized for wall and ceiling mounting to the needs.

Installation can be done fl exibly with the integrated wall/ceiling mount or with the on-site chain suspension.

There are models with 2,000, 4,000 or 6,000 watts power available. The electrical connection is single-phase 220-240/ V ~ 50/60 Hz, models 4000 and 6000 optionally also with three-phase 380-415 V/ ~ 50/60 Hz.

Features Hathor IP55 LGW
■ latest halogen infrared technology with LowGlare technology - up to 70% less dazzling light proportion
■ high short-wave radiation component (IR-A)
■ direct warmth without getting hot
■ direct heating through infrared deep-heat
■ independent of drafts: no heat loss through air movement
■ Protection class IP55 - highest electrical safety despite rain and snow (IP55: protected against water jets)
■ ideal for large commercial areas which can not be heated through warm air heating, eg incoming goods department, logistics areas etc
■ robust housing made of aluminium
■ high power rating of 2,000 up to 6,000 watts
■ large heating area of up to 23 m²
■ wide range of possible applications
■ no emissions
■ maintenance-free

Hathor IP55 LowGlare
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